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Water of Life


Prayer Team Ministry

Come be a part of a strong and important helping hand for you, your loved ones, and anyone in need of prayer.


Join the Water of Life Prayer Team!


You don't need any special talents or a lot a time, just a  willingness to stop and pray for the needs of others when the team is notified.

If you would like to be a part of this important ministry, first review the criteria for becoming a Prayer Team member (below), then click on the following link.



Criteria for joining the Water of Life Prayer Team

  • The team member should be a member of good standing of Water of Life Lutheran Church.  Should a team member cease to be an active member of Water of Life, they will be removed from the Prayer Team roster with an e-mail notification.
  • The team member should have a real interest in praying for others and their needs at any time, day or night.
  • The team member should be open to the truth that the Lord does hear and answer prayers.  The Lord is the Healer, and we are only the instruments who give voice to the needs of those for whom we pray.
  • The team member is to continue praying for others for as long as necessary for the request to resolved, either by the Lord or by the person in need asking to be removed from the prayer list.
  • The Pastor is our shepherd and our compass for the direction of this prayer ministry.
  • All information provided to Prayer Team members will be treated as absolutely confidential and are not to be communicated to any outside person.
  • A Prayer Team member can request to be removed from the Prayer Team roster at any time and for any reason.