Water of Life


Volunteer Screening

Water of Life has several protocols in place which are necessary for the safety of the children as well as the adult and youth volunteers involved in its children's and youth ministries.  Specifically, we partner with a company called Safe Gatherings which is an online screening program that outlines our code of ethics and the steps necessary to report suspected child abuse.


ADULT VOLUNTEERS (18 & over) - Complete the following:

  1. Complete the online Safe Gatherings program by following the instructions below.
  2. Download and complete our Adult Worker Screening Form.
  3. Download and complete our Worker Statement.
  4. (optional)  Download and complete our Driver Profile Form.  (Complete ONLY if you intend to transport WOL children and/or youth at WOL-sponsored events.)
  5. Provide a photocopy of your driver's license.
  6. Provide a photocopy of your automobile insurance card ONLY IF you complete the Driver Profile Form (#3).
  7. Submit all your documents to the church office or place them in the Administrative Assistant mailbox at WOL.

Safe Gatherings Instructions

  • To get started, click here to be redirected to the Safe Gatherings website.
  • Then click on "GET STARTED" which will walk you through the registration process.  You'll create your own username and password which will allow you to pause the program and return to it as often as you need so you can complete it at your own pace.  Please note, the program will take a few hours to complete.  As you're taking the program, Safe Gatherings will conduct your background checks and contact the references that you list.
  • Once you complete the program, and if all your background checks and references come back *clean*, you'll receive a certificate of completion and we will be notified that you've *passed*.  Your certificate will be valid for (2) years.

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS (Grades 6-12) - Complete the following:

  1. Download and complete our Teenage Worker Screening Form.
  2. Submit the document to the church offfice or place it in the Administrative Assistant mailbox at WOL.

(**Note:  Youth volunteers do NOT need to complete the Safe Gatherings online program.)