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Water of Life


Sunday Adult Bible Class

Every Sunday at 9:30 AM


Our Adult Bible Study classes are offered each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.  However, we encourage you to arrive early (anytime after 9:00 AM) to enjoy a cup of coffee, a donut, and fellowship with the members of Water of Life.

Bible study topics vary, but the careful study of God's Word, as found in Holy Scripture, is always present.  We currently have two opportunities for adults:


Adult Bible Study – Sanctuary (All Adults) 

Led by Rev. Joe Ardy

  • October 27 Topic:  "How to Discover What God Has Placed in Your Heart to Achieve" - So many people wonder what God wants them to do with their lives.  Here is a way to put the clues together and live in the center of His will.
  • November 3 Topic:  "8 Keys to Being a Better Christ-Follower" - There are a number of things that God wants us to know that we already possess.  We do not have to look around for the precious gifts He has given us in daily life like the worldly people do.  God wants us to be assured of His care for our eternal souls and our daily lives.

Women’s Bible Study – Narthex (All Ladies)

Facilitated by Gail Brand

  • All women are invited as we study Bless These Lips: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal by Sharla Fritz, examining how things that we say can get in the way of our relationship with God and with each other.  

Why should I attend Adult Bible study?  It’s important for all God’s children, including parents and adults, to continue to mature in our faith, which happens when we study God’s Word.