Water of Life

About Us

Our Mission

Water of Life exists “...for all who are thirsty...”

“Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.”  (Revelation 22:17, NIV)


Our Vision

With the help of God the Holy Trinity, we try to live out our mission on a daily basis in the manner of pilgrims following the Way of Jesus.  Our rule of life on this journey is threefold: Faith in Jesus, Fellowship with one another, and Service to people.  Our true home is the Kingdom of God introduced by Jesus.


Our Core Values and Attitudes

As we follow the Way of Jesus by faith, in fellowship with one another, and in service to people, we prioritize the following Core Values and Attitudes:


Our Twelve Guiding Norms:


Norm 1 - The Church Is People

Receiving grace from God and serving people there is no place for ego. Our wellbeing as a community of faith comes first; personal spiritual wellbeing depends on unity among WOL members.

Norm 2 - Accountable Servant Leadership

Following Jesus’ example of taking the lowest seat, our leaders—including the pastor—are trustworthy servants; they serve without governing or controlling.

Norm 3 - Humble Membership

Honest about our problems & asking for help, everyone is welcome. The only requirement for WOL membership is a desire for help from God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Norm 4 - Responsible Autonomous Interdependence

WOL should remain an autonomous congregation except in matters affecting the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (the “LCMS”) generally, or other LCMS congregations.

Norm 5 - Primary Purpose (Spiritual)

Allowing Jesus to help people through us. Our one purpose is to carry the good news about Jesus to people who do not yet know how much God loves them.

Norm 6 - Financial Policy

Corporate Poverty. Operating expenses plus a prudent reserve. We are but stewards of the material resources entrusted for us in carrying out our primary purpose.  Efforts apart from WOL’s primary spiritual purpose, though worthy should be undertaken separately, including through other legal entities.

Norm 7 - Stewardship of Resources

Since outside donations may lead to conflicts of interest and diversion from our primary spiritual purpose, WOL’s functions ought to be supported by our own members.

Norm 8 - Gospel Service

Always free, but paid workers (such as a pastor and administrative staff) may help facilitate the free dissemination of our spiritual message by WOL members.

Norm 9 - Sustainability

Maintain organizational simplicity emphasizing function over form.  Service boards, committees, etc. are always directly responsible to those they serve.

Norm 10 - Purpose Focused

WOL has no opinion on outside issues (such as politics, religion, or economics); and seeks to avoid being drawn into public controversy. “The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.” (Richard Rohr)

Norm 11 - Public Relations

Attraction, rather than promotion. Personal anonymity of WOL members is encouraged in the public square.

Norm 12 - Anonymity

Effective healing for effective service.  Anonymity provides a spiritual basis for our guiding norms reminding us to place principles above personalities.